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Archaic performance techniques in contemporary poetry

The "Land of the Dead" by Thomas Kinsella

Letter to the "no green pass" students of Bologna University

Reflections of totemic conceptions in the dialectal names of ice

The sacred fire and the ancestor serpent

Space / Time

Eros and Thanatos in prehistoric times

Get lost in the forest

The prehistoric origins of the Grail

The Germanic elements in the Emilian dialects

The Ballads of the Faroe Islands and the origins of the chansons de geste

Totemic names of the wolf in the Indo-European and Uralic area

War, rights, freedom. An interview

The "Cantare di Fierabraccia" preserved in the Historical Archive of Reggio Emilia  

Prehistoric shamanism

From totem trees to the sacred wood

Anarchy as civil disobedience

The university seat of discrimination (and racism)

The ultimate challenge of consistency

The caricatured dissent

Philology and Anarchy

Fake questions in the days of COVID: "What would you have done in place of the government?"

Freedom is never a concession

Galiza, Celts, and The Myth of Atlantis. Conference

The betrayal of intellectuals

Make up your mind: Either we are conspiracy theorists or we are deniers
Celtic epic and romance epic

Shame on you! Cowards!

The suspension of disbelief in the great pandemic scam

On the fake Pandemic

Topluma boyun eğdirme provası yapılıyor (in Kurdish language)

Korona virus je velika prevara (in Serbian language)

The legend of the petrified death

The origins of the legend of Tristan

European Philologies

Nostalgia for Chivaly and the Myth of the Knight

On the usefulness and harm of critical editions

Pandemic declared, subjugation of populations, suppression of freedom of speech

The narration of death in the popular song about the Great War

Romance philology and the study of manuscripts

The Origins of European Celticity.  An Interview

Australopithecus and the origin of language

Origins of Human Language

Agents of the Empire or defenders of dissent?

Philology Two Thosuand Fifteen

Interview on Un Requiem Laico , disc of the month on "BlogFoolk"

Leprosy : an Osco-Umbrian name for the hare

Oral toponyms of the upper-Italian area

Demanding the Impossible? Semioethics, Ethnophilology and the Fourth Humanism
Homo poet . The shamanic secret of Eurasia
Interview on the Libertà album is dead
Agents of the Empire or Defenders of Dissent? The Ethnophilologist as Performer of the Tradition
Ethnophilology of the heart: a small history, from the Paleolithic to today
Illness and healing: traces of prehistoric concepts in the Uralic and Indo-European lexicon
Totemic names of the whale in Celtic area

Sail the sea and navigate lands

From traditional philology to traditional ethnophilology

Etymological archeology. Três estudos acerca da continuidade linguístico-cultural do Paleolítico

Occ.  empe (i) ar , it._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ set up , it. Sept.  (im) pi (z) èr , it. merid.  (ap) picci (c) à  'accendere (un fuoco) ': a verb dating back to the Sauveterrian Mesolithic (8,000-5,800 BC)
Prehistoric belief and hagiographic legend: who is prey and who is predator?
Totemic names of the landscape:   avalanche ,   lavina ,   lava
Italid and Neolithic origins of the name of the wine: for an interpretation of the lat.  vinum  come uvinum _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb358d '136bad5cfanda produced by grape'
Sounds of the Silent Cave. An Ethnophilolgical Perspective on Prehistoric "incubatio"
Words as Archaeological Finds: A Further Example of the Ethno-Philological Contribute to the Study of European Megalithism
Night washerwomen in European folklore: for a prehistoric stratigraphy
Find ,   find ,   trobar : the Celtic hypothesis
Origens célticas and atlânticas do European megalithism
Dreams and oneirism in the dialects of Europe: ethnolinguistic evidence of a prehistoric continuity
The poet-healer in the dialects of Europe
Late Neolithic Celtic roots of medieval chivalry
Flora, fauna, landscape: the importance of dialectal names for the knowledge of the prehistoric past
European shamans and Occitan troubadours
Origins of European literature

Norse mythologies in Italian literature

The Atlantic origins of the Celts

The melancholy of the druid
The fairies of the first troubadour

Shamans and funeral mourners. A new hypothesis on the origins of ritual crying

The Warrior's Lamentation in the Archaic Epic

The fight between Tristan and Lancelot

Considerations on the book  Alessandro / Dhû l-Qarnayn, traveling between the two seas
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