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A poet, musician, and philologist, Francesco Benozzo is considered one of the most original contemporary interpreters of the Celtic harp and was awarded with the title of Bardo Honorário  by the Assembleia da Tradição Lusitana (Portugal)

Since 2015 he has been a permanent candidate  for the Nobel Literary Prize, with nominations made public by PEN International.

He is the author of fourteen albums and over 800 publications.

He played in some of the most important Italian and European theaters and in the major international World music festivals.

Among the awards: a special mention by critics at the Folk Awards in Edinburgh (2003), the medal of Best World Roots Album  assigned by the US magazine "RootsWorld" (2010 ), the two-time victory of the Giovanna Daffini National Prize for music (2013, 2015), the prestigious "Honorary Fellowship" granted to him by the Poetry Foundation of Chicago (2019).

As a philologist-linguist, he is the creator of Ethnophilology, and is known for having formulated the revolutionary theory that human language was born as early as 3 million years ago, with the Australopithecines.

As an anarchist intellectual he works for the dissemination of ideas expressed through what he calls Fourth Humanism, founded on libertarian and anti-authoritarian principles. In this context he founded two international networks explicitly dedicated to the protection of inalienable human rights: the Observatory against State Surveillance (OSS) and the International Committee for the Ethics of Biomedicine (ICEB).

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