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Wandering shamanic songs

With Barbara Zanoni

  1. Creation of the shamanic circle

  2. The bear girl

  3. Undergrowth / Shaman's Oracle

  4. Enchantment / Bard's Song / Enchantment

  5. Call of the river

  6. Ice fairy tale

  7. Night dialogue with the wolf

  8. On the birch path

  9. Journey of the soul

  10.  Lighting the fire

  11. Whale song

  12. Evocation of the solar goddesses

Francesco Benozzo: voice, bardic harp 

Barbara Zanoni: voice


Recorded and mixed byDavide Cristiani at Studio Bombanella at Groundfloor, Modena (October-November 2023)


Produce and arrangeated byFrancesco Benozzo & Barbara Zanoni


© & (P) 2024 Tutl Records

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Song of the remoteislands

Song of the remote islands


With Fabio Bonvicini

  1. Ffarwel I Aberystwyth (trans. from Wales)

  2. Thule (F. Benozzo - F. Bonvicini)

  3. An Alarc'h / Schiarazula marazula / Dance of the Dead (trans. from Brittany, Friuli and Bergamo valleys)

  4. Agua de Mayo (trans. from Galicia)

  5. Isle of Man's whalers song / Cooley's Reel(trans. from The Isle of Man and Ireland)

  6. Álvastakkur (Kristian Blak)

  7. Ondas do Mar de Vigo / Mandad'ei comigo(Medieval trans. from Galicia)

  8. Dersu (F. Benozzo - F. Bonvicini)

  9. Séamus Ma-Hoo / Planxty Burke (trans. from Ireland)

Francesco Benozzo: voice, Celtic harp, bardic harp 

Fabio Bonvicini: voice, flutes, accordion, percussion


Recorded and mixed byDavide Cristiani (live recordings at Lago Baccio, Modena Apennines, 21-23 July 2023), post-production at Studio Bombanella at Groundfloor, Modena (September 2023)


Produced and arranged byFrancesco Benozzo & Fabio Bonvicini


Executive production: Municipality of Udine, University of Udine

© & (P) 2023 Tutl Records


Llyfr Taliessin

/ The Book of Taliesin

  1. Yn cofio Peter Goginan *       

  2. Cân y Gwynt       

  3. Neur vum gan wyr celvyddon      

  4. Addwyn aeron amser cynhaeav (I)

  5. Cad Goddeu (I)       

  6. Aduwyn gaer yssyd ar glaw gweilgi

  7. Cad Goddeu (II)      

  8. Seith vgein ogyruen      

  9. Addwyn aeron amser cynhaeav (II)  

  10. Torrid mynudawl      

  11. Bum glas gleissat      

  12. Yn cofio Peter Goginan (reprise)     


Francesco Benozzo : vocals and bardic harp 

Peter Busse : bata drum, congas, djembe, surdo, tablas

HBH Jones : bass

Elwyn Williams: keyboards, maracas, tambourine


Music by Francesco Benozzo / Texts taken from Llyfr Taliessin


Recorded and mixed by Elwyn Williams at Stiwdio Iawn, Aberystwyth, Wales, UK (January-May 2003)


Mastered by Suonovivo Recording Studio, Bergamo (February 2004)


Produced and arranged by Francesco Benozzo & Elwyn Williams


Executive production: Frame Events Snc by Gigi Bresciani, Gandino, Bergamo (May 2004)


CD attached to the book Poeti della Marea

© & (P) 2022 Forum Editrice Udine

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Cronache da un naufragio

Con Fabio Bonvicini

    1. L'anno del grande inganno                   

    2. E picchia picchia                                     

    3. Green Pass       

    4. Leggera alla vaccinara)

    5. Ristorati                                 

    6. Inno dei vaccinisti

    7. La solitudine dell'alpino     

Francesco Benozzo : vocals and bardic harp 

Fabio Bonvicini : vocals, accordion, flutes, drums 


Traditional music / Texts by Francesco Benozzo and Fabio Bonvicini


Recorded and mixed by F. Benozzo and F. Bonvicini in March 2022


CD attached to the book Chronicles from a shipwreck

© & (P) 2022 Stella * Black

Ytiddo - BPB

Benozzo Performs Bowie

  1. Lazarus       

  2. Ashes to Ashes     

  3. New Killer Star    

  4. The Jean Genie    

  5. (You Will) Set The World on Fire    

  6. Moonage Daydream    

  7. Starman   

  8. The Man Who Sold The World     

  9. Rebel Rebel         

  10. Cactus        

  11. Heroes     

  12. Space Oddity  

Total duration: 45:29

Francesco Benozzo : vocals, Celtic harp, bardic harp

Produced and arranged by Francesco Benozzo

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Davide Cristiani

at Bombanella Soundscapes, Maranello (Mo)

August - September 2017


A single tube microphone and a vintage-style tube pre-amp were used for the recording .  Ribbon echoes (Space Echo and others) were used for mixing ._ cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ An emulator of the recording technique used by Tony Visconti in 1977 for the album "Heroes" was used, with different microphones inside the room activated according to the dynamics of the voice. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ The mixes were finally dumped onto the reel.

CD attached to the book David Bowie. The arborescence of multiple beauty

© & (P) 2018 Safarà / Universalia publisher

A Secular Requiem

With Fabio Bonvicini & Fratelli Mancuso

1. Sacciu che parli alla luna 
2. Fire and machine guns 
3. Disio di tia 
4. When the world was created 
5. The soldier daughter 
6. Apennine Dies Irae 
7. Deus meus 
8. Mi chiamu Forsi 
9. Cinno Zòbel 
10. Torna deh Torna 
11. La ruvina 

Francesco Benozzo : vocals, bardic harp, Celtic harp

Fabio Bonvicini : vocals, flutes, percussion
Enzo Mancuso : vocals, violin, guitar, colascione
Lorenzo Mancuso : vocals, guitar, harmonium

Produced and arranged by Francesco Benozzo, Fabio Bonvicini and Fratelli Mancuso

Recorded live in Fossoli (Modena) on 25 April 2015

Recording, mixing and mastering by Paolo Violi

© & (P) 2016 Arci - Ex Campo di Fossoli Foundation

The necessary winter

[Tutl / Denmark 2016]

L'inverno necessario / The Necessary Winter

  1. L’inverno necessario 4:35

  2. La presó de Leida  3:17

  3. Ffarwell i Aberystwyth 1:49

  4. Betty and Dupree 4:12

  5. Luna epiglaciale 2:06

  6. Danza autobiografica 2:54

  7. Eco del mare  2:07

  8. Saudàdes ao meu bem 4:10

  9. Cerco ancora un’isola 4:04

  10. The mist covered mountains of home (tribute to John Renbourn) 2:01

  11. Canto d’esilio 6:14

Francesco Benozzo : vocals, Celtic harp, bardic harp, keyboard, synthesizer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Davide Cristiani 

at Bombanella Soundscapes, Maranello (Italy), December 2015 - January 2016

Review on BlogFoolk



Devil's Bridge (with Fabio Bonvicini)

[RadiciMusic / Italy 2015]

Libertà l'è morta(with Fabio Bonvicini) [Tutl / Denmark 2012]

Terracqueo [Tutl / Denmark 2009]  

Carte di Mare (with Matteo Meschiari)

[Music On / Italy 2001]

Live in Verona [Campostrini / Italy 2006]

Llyfr Taliesn / The Book of Taliesin

[Frame Events / Italy 2004]

In'tla piola [Sain Records / Wales, UK, 2000]

Y gwir yn erbyn y byd

[Bos Records / Wales, UK, 2000]

The earth trembles, all down to earth!

[ArteBambini / Italy 2014]

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